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Bodytorque was originally conceived to uncover the creativity of The Australian Ballet’s dancers and develop their choreographic talents. This development program has been a breeding ground for our company's brightest talents including Australian legend Graeme Murphy and resident choreographers Stephen Baynes, Tim Harbour and Alice Topp.

This year, Bodytorque goes digital.

Showcasing the endurance of creativity during isolation, five up-and-coming choreographers were tasked with developing new works designed specifically for the digital space. Bodytorque.Digital combines all elements – choreography, dancers, music, and cinematography – together through digital screens and virtual rehearsals.

Bodytorque.Digital will showcase the choreographic talents of François-Eloi Lavignac, Amelia Drummond, Jill Ogai, Tim Coleman and Mason Lovegrove.

Watch the next wave of ballet and the future of movement.

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The latest work in our Bodytorque.Digital season is Forma, created by our dancer Jill Ogai on herself at home. This “love letter to creativity during the time of the COVID-19 lockdown” blends Jill’s movement with 2D ‘choreography’ that she devised on computer. Set to Bach and Telemann music, Forma is a tribute to imagination and ingenuity in the face of limitation.

Choreography and Performed by Jill Ogai
Music 12 Fantasies TWV 4017: Fantasia no.4. Grave G.P. Telemann (transcribed for cello)
Violin Partita No.1 in B minor BWV 1002: VIII. Double J.S. Bach 
Cello Melissa Chominsky
Yi Wang
Filmed by Joshua Millar 
Post Production Brett Ludeman
Animation Jill Ogai

Choreographer's Note

Forma began with the question, “Can choreography exist in 2D shape as well as in the customary physical form?”

While choreographing physically on myself, I also ‘choreographed’ for 2D shape on my computer. Both helped inform the movement and choreography for each other throughout the process.

On a musical note, I describe the Telemann and Bach pieces as “the lifeblood of Forma”, holding the abstract 2D and the physical choreographies together.

The piece became a love letter to creativity during the time of the COVID-19 lockdown, and the idea that inspiration can spring from one’s imagination just as much as it can come from the external world.

Enjoy. Jill


Add Bodytorque.Digital to your calendar and be the first to know when a new work is ready to stream.

Work Four
Choreographer Tim Coleman
Dancers Jasmin Durham, Callum Linnane, Drew Hedditch, Marcus Morelli, Katherine Sonnekus, Jade Wood and Jett Ramsey
Composer Georgia Scott (new composition)
Musicians: Duncan Salton (piano), Mat Levy (percussion) and Melissa Chominsky (cello)

Work Five
Choreographer Amelia Drummond
Dancers Belle Urwin and Adam Elmes
Composer Natalie Nicolas (new composition)
Musicians Yi Wang (violin) Tom Higham (viola) and Dianne Froomes (cello)

The 2020 Bodytorque.Digital program is proudly supported by The Robert Salzer Foundation.


Choreographer François-Eloi Lavignac
Dancer Benedicte Bemet
Composer J.S Bach "Lament" from Cappricio in B Flat
Pianist Kylie Foster
Cinematographer Brett Ludeman


New Ghost
Choreographer Mason Lovegrove
Dancers Serena Graham and Joseph Romancewicz
Composer Tomas Parrish, "New Ghost" 
Violin Erica Kennedy
Cello Melissa Chominsky
Cinematographer Brett Ludeman