From those who love dance, to those who love to dance

Philanthropy is a gift

The Best is Yet to Come

The rich tradition of philanthropy at The Australian Ballet began just a few weeks after the company was founded in September 1962. 

In the decades that have followed, many of the key moments in the life of The Australian Ballet have been made possible through the support and devotion of ballet lovers from every corner of Australia, who have donated what they can to sustain our company and elevate the art form. 

At the heart of this community is a shared love of dance and appreciation of an art form that never fails to delight, inspire and unite.

Individuals who give to the company are welcomed into our special Ballet community and invited to get to know the dancers and teams behind the curtains who create the magic you see on stage. 

Below are just some of the ways you can get involved and be a part of the company’s vibrant new chapter.

Call the Philanthropy Team on 1300 752 900 
Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm

Donate Now

The support of philanthropy at The Australian Ballet is unparalleled. The relationship between the patron and the company is deeply meaningful – coming together to celebrate our shared passion for world-class dance.

David Hallberg, Artistic Director

Annual Giving

The Heart of Giving at The Australian Ballet

Annual Giving underpins the company’s everyday activities and is the most significant way you can help our company. 

Contributing in this way directly helps us develop world-class dancers and repertoire, maintain daily operations, and ensures audiences across Australia can continue to experience this joyful and inspirational art form for years to come.

We invite you to join a group of dedicated ballet lovers who, led by Natasha Bowness President of Annual Giving, will shape The Australian Ballet of tomorrow by ensuring the company continues to be recognised as the true home of technical and artistic excellence.

We get to know our Annual Giving patrons personally and enjoy many special moments together, in support of our dancers, artisans and wider company. 

Please contact your local Patrons Manager to find out more.

Read about our President of Annual Giving Natasha Bowness here.

Planned Giving

A gift in your will is the gift of a lifetime.

With your kindness and generosity there will always be an Australian Ballet.

Leaving a gift to The Australian Ballet in your Will is a heartfelt gesture that will pave the way and futureproof the company for future generations – ensuring your ballet company continues to uplift and delight audiences for the next 60 years.

The gifts we receive from estates are invested in long-term funds to create perpetual income that will help keep Australia dancing for generations to come.

The Australian Ballet’s Gifts in Wills program through Planned Giving was established in 1990. Since then, more than 350 ballet lovers have made provisions for the company in their Wills. 

Every gift – no matter how large or small – is truly transformational and has the power to shape and sustain The Australian Ballet of tomorrow.

In recent times, we have been able to keep dancing through the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to the foresight and dedication of ballet lovers like you.

As we transition into A New Era of artistry led by David Hallberg, your foresight and generosity will create a legacy that develops world-class repertoires, nurtures elite dancers, and builds a company whose reputation for excellence at home and on the world stage is second to none.

We welcome the opportunity to start a conversation with you about the impact your generous act will have on the future of The Australian Ballet, and how will we honour your commitment.

Please contact Liz Ruggieri or refer to the Planned Giving Information Pack, linked below, to find out more.

Download our Planned Giving information pack

Being a bequestor means that my love of ballet and The Australian Ballet will live on forever, and what greater gift is there than to be dancing that pas de deux throughout the future of this great company!

David McAllister AM, outgoing Artistic Director, bequestor and Planned Giving Ambassador

Ballet Ambassadors

The Next Generation of Philanthropists

Founded by Global Ambassador Sarah Murdoch in 2015, the Ballet Ambassador program is a dynamic initiative that engages with ballet lovers and welcomes them as the next generation of patrons and supporters into the active life of The Australian Ballet.

The program offers a unique opportunity to enjoy and learn more about Australia’s national ballet company through exclusive access to special events, our dancers and artistic team, while directly supporting our dancers.

As one of a limited number of Ballet Ambassadors you will enjoy privileged, behind-the-scenes access to the ballet and invitations to purchase tickets to exclusive Ballet Ambassador events that give a unique insight into The Australian Ballet.

Ballet Ambassadors contribute a tax-deductible donation of $1,000 or more per annum to be part of the program, with these generous contributions going towards programs to help the health and wellbeing of our dancers.

Please contact David Wynne to find out more.

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